Energy Consulting Services BluePlanet

Blue Planet provides first-class services to people and organizations that have innovative ideas and technologies, helping them to create robust and sustainable businesses. The growing demand for power and the global interest in reducing CO2 emissions has stimulated an unprecedented implementation of renewable sources of energy in industry. We participate in combating climate change and driving a circular economy by helping customers in a variety of sectors make their businesses more sustainable.

Blue Planet specialises in the utilization of 3 main renewable resources:

  • Hydrogen

  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

  • BioLPG – Propane (Liquid Gas)

Our Core Values

Vision & Ambition

By boosting the development of an energy mix based on renewable energies -which are more sustainable- we want to contribute to the emergence of a carbon-neutral social model.

Energy is transforming the world. Renewables are transforming energy.


We are committed to support our clients reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to a variety of sectors such as:

  • Industry

  • Road Transport

  • Aviation

  • Marine


We approach each project based on the thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, mutual commitment and trust, in-depth capability to present and evaluate alternatives and the delivery of substantiated and comprehensive final results.

In this way we offer a top-notch & cost-effective research plan to help our clients towards a green or blue carbon footprint. Blue Planet has the expertise to further support the implementation of the above plan and offer a holistic service to our clients.

Board of Directors

Konstantinos Kalogritsas

Chief Executive Officer